Costume Guide of Green Oliver Queen

Costume Guide of Green Oliver Queen

Arrow is an American television series based on superheroes. The series follows a billionaire playboy Oliver Queen also known as Stephen Amell. Who, after five years being stuck on a hostile island, back to home to fight corruption and crime as a secret vigilante whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. The whole idea and story of this television series revolve around the lead character of the series Oliver Queen.  It takes few series to give a new look to Green Oliver Queen. Which is remarked and liked by the people. Green Oliver’s style is also liked and adopted by the fans. Here presenting some ideas how you can have classy looks like this superhero.

Mask of Arrow

Invited to a costume party? Then dressing up in Oliver Queen’s costume can be a great idea. For costumes, you have to first grab Blinder Eye Patch made of artificial leather. This mask is good enough for your costume or Halloween parties.

Oliver Queen’s Leather Jacket

No one can imagine having a perfect Oliver Queen’s look without this classy jacket. Which is smart enough to wear not only in costume party but you can rock by wearing this jacket casually and formally. This amazing jacket is made of real leather. Grab this classy jacket and have a modish look.


These screen accurate gloves are worn by Oliver Queen in “Arrow”. These gloves are extremely comfortable. You can wear it while riding on a bike and a perfect cosplay costume.


These cowhide/sheepskin leather pants must grab an item for the costume of Oliver. These refined pants are an extra addition in your super hero looks.

Leather Boots

Your boots play a vital role in your overall appearance. Having a perfect Arrow superhero looks you can wear your black leather boots but you want to grab a new one you may have a look at these reference boots.

Bow and Arrow

A super hero is incomplete without his expertise and Oliver Queen is considered as incomplete without his bow and arrow pack. You have to grab this pack to complete the cosplay. Now after grabbing all these, you are ready to rock in costume or Halloween party. Enjoy your super hero looks. For more stylish ideas and references keep visiting us. Have a good day.

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